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Re: Resistance Art and Literature

When the world was still to be born
When Adam was still to receive his form
Then my relationship began

When I heard the Lord's voice
A voice sweet and clear
I said "yes" with all my heart
And formed a bond with the land I love
Away I live in a mansion grand
But I long to campaign
On rocky roads
In bumpy jeep rides
With flags and banners
With selfless zeal to change
The sad present
Into a smiling future

I want to breathe the breath
Of home,
a breath both fair and fine
My spirit is in one place
My body in another
My mind torn asunder
Tyrant: do not offer comfort
Comfort leaves me cold
Much dearer do I hold
Marvi's ancestral shawl
Symbol of our treasure
They thought it generous
To offer freedom for abandonment
The abandonment of a people, of a land
Of a struggle, of a dream
Of principles and of conscience
I thought it wrong
The cranes fly to their native hills
My heart longs to fly with them
Invisible chains
Hold me prisoner
The scent of the homeland
Wafts through the ocean air
Through continents
Its insistent call
A reverberating sound
Through sunset and dawn
Through walls
Through mountains
Seeking to reclaim
Its own
The land reclaims its own
When the dead die
They live again
Becoming part of a land
To my dear ones I say
Worry not
Shed no tears
Bear no regrets
These days will pass
After night comes day
After sorrow comes joy

The daughters of the desert know
That destiny
Cannot chain
The dream of a people free
The desert wind calls
Marvi calls
A timeless call
A call
The desert wind carries

Children: Hear the desert wind
Hear it whisper
Have faith
We will win


resistance poetry, art and literature

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