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National Horse and Cattle Show

Extraordinary Rendition

By: Hakim Hazik


The Glory of the Realm, The Most Exalted Highness King Abdullah,


The Rampart of the Citadel of Islam, the Mudir of Mukhabirat, Prince Muqrin;

The Son of the Ummah and The Father of the Nation, President Barak Hussein Obama;

The President of the Islamic Communist Republic of China, President Hu Jintao, (Newly ushered into the fold of Islam by Qazi Hussein Ahmed Sahib).

Please accept salutations from a brother grievously wronged and deprived of justice by the enemies of the Ummah.

Brothers and Most Supreme Highnesses, You will be familiar with the highs and lows of public life. Dear brothers, as you will remember, it was Yours Truly who organised the first National Horse and Cattle Show in Changa Manga, where pedigreed MNAs and MPAs were exhibited, evaluated and auctioned, for a very reasonable price ranging from 10 to 20 million rupees. Even a person of moderate means could bring one home. People with more modest means would happily kick around mayors and municipality heads.

Since then a lot of water has flown down the Ravi and many an adventure on the horseback has travelled up and down the GT road. Brother Taseer is one such adventurer, who beats them all in low cunning and deceit of most vile and treacherous nature. If you ask my opinion, he should be excommunicated and expelled from the circle of Islam.

Dear Brothers,

If today my son Hussein asks me, ‘Daddy can you buy me an MNA?’ what can I tell him? All I the time I fight back my tears and tell him, ‘Maybe son, by the next Eid’. The fact is dear brothers that at 50 million rupees a piece, even a special seats, minority MNA is beyond the reach of a common man. I wish I had not lived to see this day. Brother Taseer has taken over the Changa Manga Horse and Cattle show, with little regard for the intellectual property rights and basic human decency. Infamy sits on the throne of Lahore and evil stalks Durbar Hall.

Dear Brothers,

What Brother Taseer fails to realize is that that trade and commerce in horses provides the bedrock of our economy. The money spent on a top breed MPA also goes to thousands of professionals allied to this trade, including contractors, bankers, transporters, builders, bureaucrats, hangars on and camp followers. Destroy this trade and you destroy thousands of livelihoods and families. Who can be so callous as to bring misery and penury to such large sections of our society? But this is precisely what Brother Taseer is doing, by spending the national budget on geldings and coach horses.

I call upon the whole of the community of the faithful, especially horse lovers to defy these dastardly actions and boycott any other method of horse commerce except the one and only Changa Manga Tattoo, organised by your brother.I summon all the faithful to the rise and defend the Ummah against the dog in the manger and low life scum Brother Taseer (outwith the circle of Islam).

Your Brother,

MMN Sharif PML(N)


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