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Prince Knife Bin Abdul Aziz

Verily we are from God and to him must we return. While he lived, he was a source of inspiration to all of us. He implemented the vision of Al-Shaikh Abdul Wahab with diligence and with devotion. All the faithful in the world such as the standard bearers of Islam including Rana Sana Ullah and Malik Ishaq looked up to him for guidance.

Dear Brother,

This world is a cheat. As the devotees of Al-Shaikh, it is incumbent upon us not to become too enamoured of its attractions. It is upon us to ensure that our lives are simple and led according to the pristine principles of Islam, so that we ensure equality in the kingdom.  Prince Knife ensured that the Pakistani slaves had the same rights and duties as the Bangladeshis and Philippino bonded labour.

The kingdom has ensured that those who need to be disciplined, are beheaded in a kind and humane fashion, in public squares to the recitation of holy verses, by abstemious and retiring executioners who shun the excesses and profligacy of this world.

Prince Knife was taken from us at the tender age of 79. This was God’s will. It is our duty to surrender to his will and be content with it; as it is our duty to ensure that the women athletes participate in the Olympics (in an individual capacity), in full length abbayas to uphold the decorum demanded by the precepts of Islam. Abbaji would agree. He would be pleased with the up and coming Shaikhs in the holy land of Raheem Yar Khan and grant them a BMW.

I hear that Al-Shaikh Abu Jandal is on a visit to the Arthur Road prison to partake in the interfaith dialogue being organised in the Metropolis of Bombay. This is a great step forward for the Ummah matched only in scale by the appointment of Al-Hajj David Headley to the Imamate of Florida Prison system. I have been told that the righteous DNA from the parents of Al-Shaikh Abu Jandal has been compared and found to be matching. Blessed are these parents who have seen their offspring prosper and achieve the foremost status in telephonic spread of the message of peace.

In the Islamic Republic, we need to emulate the strategy and achievements of the kingdom, with the help of the pious ideology emanating from the deserts of Najd and the holy fossil fuel, emanating from the terminals of the Arabian Gulf. (He who says Persian Gulf is a Rafidi and a Mushrik).

We cannot change what is written in the books. We can only develop our lives in accordance with the rules laid down and dilated upon at great length by our philosophers and thinkers such as Al-Shaikh Abdul Wahab and Abbaji. If we adhere to these principles, we will succeed in this world and the next and enter the portals of heaven to partake of the culinary products of Al-Hajj Fazal Din.

Praying for your health and sustenance of your holy shadow,

MMN Sharif


Al Jati ul Umra


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