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The Crisis in Nawab Shah

Extraordinary Rendition

By: Hakim Hazik 

August 14, 2009. Pakistan has survived another crisis. Today when Pakistanis across the length and breadth of the country were joyfully celebrating their 63rd independence day, a heinous attack took place on our fundamental national values. As a result, the situation of public order in Nawab Shah suddenly took a dire turn

This a reflection on how precarious the national security situation has become due to the collusion of the dying and decadent Zardari Government with anti-state elements within the country, and our inveterate foreign enemies. The district government, in flagrant violation of all the norms of decency and civilised behaviour that this country stands for, invited the young women of the district to participate in a marathon race. Never in the history of Nawab Shah, has anything so vile, so despicable been attempted. If this reprehensible act had been allowed to succeed, it would have surpassed the infamy of the fall of Dhaka and the humiliation of the Mongol conquest of Baghdad. There are many perils stalking the Ummah, this one was without any doubt, one of the worst.

The resourcefulness of the Ummah is, however, not to be underestimated. The redoubtable vanguard of the JUI (F) is always vigilant. They warned the district government and any women runners contemplating this act of war on the national sovereignty, that the fearless JUI army would not give up without a fight. Rivers of blood would flow. The values of the Ummah would be safeguarded and vision of the founding fathers would be protected at all costs.

In the end, the self sacrifice, dedication and devotion of the JUI (F) won the day. The marathon was run without the women runners, who were confined to the sacred four walls of the house. It was, God be praised, an all men event in the true tradition of Greece, Rome, Deoband and DI Khan.

We must pay tribute to Mr Abid Lakhu, the doughty national warrior, who saved the day for the nation. We demand that he should be given the highest civil and military award, including Nishan e Pakistan and Nishan e Haider, on this act of undiluted heroism. We must also praise the young self effacing legionnaires of the JUI (F), who had gathered in the Allah Wali mosque, silently determined to die for the Ummah, armed with nothing but raw courage and suicide jackets.

We think it is also time that 1200 kanal, army land gifted to the Maulana Oil Tanker and then taken away from him by the mean spirited federal government, and the 600 kanals belonging to Mr Akram Durrani should be restored to them forthwith.

The nation should realise that physical exercise is an anathema and unbecoming of a great civilisation like ours. The place of women is in the kitchen or, in the harem of Maulana Oil Tanker, or in the deli of Maulana Sammy Sandwich. It is certainly not on the athletics track or in the playing field. It is only after we are infused with the spirit of the Maulanas, that we can recapture the lost glory of Baghdad and Damascus in Islamabad.

We wish the nation a very happy Independence Day.    

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