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Kaday Yazam Was Nat An Indian Gent

Tuzk e Jahangiri

By: Hakim Hazik

What what rubbish the media will perdoos. Now Mr Jaswant Singh Saab is saying that Kaday Yazam Mumd Ali Jinnah was nat the Father af the Nation. I am asking him, if he was nat the father af the nation, was he a Phupha of the nation? And who was the father af the nation then anyhow? Mraja Ranjit Singh? Shah Faisal? Barak Sain Bama?

I will tell you the taak of the inside. I think so Jaswant Singh Saab is wanting to sell his book. I think so he put chillies and masala inside his book and called it a history book. Peepal will buy his book in India. Peepal will buy his book in Pakistan. Very soon he will have one million, two million in his paakit and he will go laughing all the way to Beeb Bank. This is all a big canstipacy. Like the canstipacy af the Elders of Zion. I think so that Jaswant Singh is actually Shumaila Rana. She is doing this so that she can use credit cart once gain.

In the beginning I did nat blief in the canstipacy thewries but now, slowly slowly, I am seeing the hole picture. As a mimber of a great nation, we have to remember that the hole is always bigger than an Indy vidual. The Indy vidual will go but the hole will remain. The nation and the Ummah have dooty to protect the hole.

Somebady is saying that Narendra Modi has banned the book in Gujrat. Somebady is saying that he has also joined the ham khyal group. Chory Praise Elahi’s days in paltics  are over. As I have been saying kanti noosly, damo cracy is the best revenge.

Yours Truly and Shriek Chairman are one on this issue. Partition was a great tragedy. It seprated brather fram brather and sister fram sister. We have to find a way that so that we can live in piece and harmonium. Shriek Chairman is working hard. He is using the utmost strength of his battam, the greatest will in his heart and the cleverest thaughts of dvisors, like me. I am giving him my best dvice day and night, free af cast and in the nick of time, in dition to giving him tewshun in Inglush and halwa puri on Sundays.


To Raj Nath Singh Saab, I have only one message:

Sir Ji,

after every patition, some peepal are left an the wrang side. They get killed. Let’s nat do any more patition. Let us turn our swords into ploughshares and our Swiss bank shares into Beeb Bank shares. Let us have a mustard oil head massage on a Sunday, after eating halwa puri. Let’s have a praper shave and a hot bath in Niamat Haircutting Saloon and Garam Hamam, inside Choona Mandi.

(Excellent facilties for circumciyon of childrens and catering for marriage paties is also vailble)

Such are the fruits of piece and harmonium.

Yours Very Truly,

Mumd Jungeer Badar

Secty Journal

Pakistan Peepal Paty 


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