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The Rise and Fall of Brother Mehsud

Letter to Brother Abdullah

By: Hakim Hazik

Dear Brother Abdullah,

The former brother and former patriot, Baitullah Mehsud is dead; more dead than the Patriot ABM missile. He was felled by the Predator missile, fired on the orders of brother Barak Husain Obama and requested by my special brother and the president of the nation, my late Sister BB’s last and the most precious gift to the Ummah, Brother AA.

I have to admit Your Majesty, that the career of the former brother Mehsud followed a very confusing path. At first, he was trained and groomed to the highest level expected of a true mujahid, by the Army of the Ummah. When he practised his newly acquired and highly refined technique of purifying the soul by the slitting of throats on the soldiers of the Ummah, it was realised that all was not well. He tried to make amends by trying to bring the late Sister BB to the path of righteousness. It is widely felt, however, that the results were at best mixed.

Then came the Bombay attacks and he actually surpassed all other great mujahids and won the heart of the nation and of ISPR by declaring a Jihad on India. It seemed that the national wounds were beginning to heal and that the much traumatised nation was taking its first tentative steps towards re-establishing the national pride and re-launching  international jihad.  Alas, this was not to be. Only a few weeks had gone by, when he became an Indian agent.

The situation was becoming intolerable. The enemies of the Ummah, the stooges of the Zionists, the imperialist American defence forces were conducting drone attacks on our sovereign territory, on a daily basis. In spite of our best efforts, the Indian running dog, former brother Baitullah was not attacked by these drones. This man was such a brazen character Your Majesty that he became a CIA agent! This caused enormous anxiety to the true well wishers of the Ummah, the ever vigilant stalwarts  of the ISPR.

The ways of Allah, Your Majesty, are novel and not fathomable by ordinary mortals and the clueless civilians. The very same drones snuffed out the flame of life of the former mujahid and the former brother, the current Indian and CIA agent, the hypocrite and infidel Mehsud and despatched him to the everlasting flames of hell that he had earned for himself.


I have to acknowledge, my Brother, the debt of gratitude that the Islamic Republic owes to Your Exalted Highness. It has received nothing but unstinting and selfless support from the Kingdom in all of its national endeavours, including deferred oil payments, thousands of fearless mujahidin, an uplift of national education base, by increasing the number madrassas by a thousand fold, academics of international standing, such as Al Sheikh Bin Laden, congenial boarding and lodging conditions for the leaders of the Ummah, like Yours Truly, in my overseas sabbatical and above everything else, the spiritual light that suffuses and illuminates the hearts of living icons and role models such as Engineer Hekmatyar, Hafiz Saeed and Maulana Masood Azhar.

I remain Your Highness,

Your Ever Faithful Brother,

MMN Sharif

(May God overlook our faults and forgive our trespasses)



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