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Your Brother and Big Brother

Tuzk e Jahangiri

By: Hakim Hazik


All lies. White lies. Your brather knows every vein in their body. I have not bleached these hairs in sunlight. Thereafter, I have not died these hairs with Kala Kola. Those who are suppredding rumours are an the payroll of the same peepal who took your brather to Kot Lakhpat and to the Shahi Qila. Naoo they are holding paress canferences and making satatements, as if the Nurpur butter won’t melt in their mouth.


They are saying that the Shriek Chairman caught them in flagrant delectable. I am not sure what that means. I have asked Keem Sahib. He says that they were caught eating ice cream. As everyone knows that could have lead to pneumonia and could have upset the satrategic balance in Texali Gate where we store our bums, ready to use when Islam is in danger. 


We did not invite the team. They came by themselves. I do not even know the inspector in the Tibbi thana. Haoo could I go to the UNO and ask their inspectors to come? They are taking it out on the poor girl. It is not her fault. Every bady knows that there is peace in Balochistan. There is no miltary pration. There is no miltary. Haoo can we withdraw miltary when there is no miltary? Hain?


Before, they were taking it out on Qani Saab. Mreekans are taking it out on Qani Saab. They are nat same to same. One likes Predator drones made in California. The other likes Predator maulvis made in Akora Khatak. Haooever, they both like martyrs below the age of 13. I think Qanis and Rabbanis are in trouble all over the world.  May God protect them and their cell phoons and the black barries and may God protect all the childrens. Ameen.


And we did nat invite Choisab either. Its is a free country. The judiciary is free, the media is free, the journals are free. Every bady is free to have a go at the gormint. Naek sab says not to worry too much. He has spoken to the magistrate saab in Sweezerland. Nothing will happen. The letter will say that the Shriek Chairman has munety. If he has munety in Pakistan, Sweezerlandis are not our maternal uncles that they should be doing la soots. They will sit at home and eat prafit from the bank. That is what madren peepal do. 


And what did the journal say to the Choisab? He said, okay, do what you like. We will do what we like. And did Choisab say to perduce the missing peepal or you are disqualified under section 62 and 63? No sir ji, nothing af the sort.You are such a simple king. He ate the humble ice cream and came back to Salamabad to punish the peepal party of their corruption. No body is dying in Balochistan. This is enemy propaganda. They sometimes kill themselves and mutilate their own badies to bring a bad name to the country. 


They may all die slowly slowly. They are only 30 lakh in number. 


Mumd Jahangir Badar

Secty Journal


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