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The Fastest Growing Religion

By: Hakim Hazik

In the end, justice and the true message has prevailed. Faryal Bibi was allowed to go with her lawfully wedded husband. There is no doubt that she had embraced the true message of her own volition and after careful consideration of its beauty and simplicity, in the two hours that she was taken from her home and driven hell for leather to the dargah sharif, to be married to the pious bridegroom chosen for her by the Pir Sahib.

She was surrounded by a cordon of upright and devout gunmen to protect her from her parents and other members of the evil idol worshiping community which still abounds in certain parts of Pakistan in spite of the dedicated efforts of Pir Sahib Mian Mitthu of Bharchoondi Sharif.

However, we have come a long way since the days of the jahiliyyah when infidels used to roam free in the Land of the Pure. Slowly, they are finding that there is increasingly limited room for their obnoxious outlooks. They are being allowed to see how a society based on justice and equality works and what great benefits it can bring to them.

Those who are un-enlightened and fail to see the hope and salvation offered by the supreme philosophy, do not belong here and can be repatriated to India or Iran or other misguided countries in a humane and civilised way. Pir Sahib will do his best to facilitate this re-location by chasing them to Khokrapar in his Land Rover, on a purely humanitarian basis. He will of course rescue the young females, who, through no fault of their own, have been born into families subscribing to polytheism and superstition.

We live in momentous times. A new era is dawning. The Battle of Ind is around the corner. We must prepare for it by removing every trace of heresy and deviation from the Land of the Pure. If it means some people off buses and executing them in a quick and painless fashion, so much the better. The Caliphate will emerge stronger and more vigorous from this bracing exercise.

Those who have entered the fold of the true message of their own free will can not be allowed to leave. This would be akin to treason and is punishable by death in all systems of law. The Court in its infinite wisdom has saved three innocent souls from coming to this tragic end. By recording their statements in camera and away from the eyes of the prying public, some sense has been drummed into their guileless heads and they have made the right decision.

This is an occasion for celebration. Justice has been done. The Ummah has been rejuvenated. The Caliphate has arrived. O Ye faithful, take out your Kalashnikovs and fire into the balmy April sky to give thanks to Allah. Take out your tyres, whether of Al-Dunlop or of Al-Michelin brand and burn them on every street corner.

Allah be praised. Ours is the fastest growing religion in the world.



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