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Extraordinary Rendition

By: Hakim Hazik

Praise be to Allah who created the universe. Praise be to Apostle Brzezinski who created Afghan jihad. A thousand prayers for Al-Sheikh Casey who ran it. May Allah shower his blessings on the soul of the mujaddid of the last century, Hazrat Zia ul Haq shahed (RA). May his jawbone rest in everlasting peace, along with the dentures of  Shaheed Robert Raphel in the Bawahalpur desert.

We condemn and reject the drone attacks, on the independent Ummah territory. The Pakistani state has sold its soul to the devil. We are accepting petty sums of money in return for the blood of our Arab Mujahidin with German passport. We are being bribed with the American dollars to kill our own kith and kin. This is reprehensible and shameful for the leading nuclear armed nation of the Ummah.

It is shameful to accept American money to kill our own nationals. Of course, it is OK to accept American money to kill Afghan nationals, as we did from 1979, till the fall of the evil empire of the Soviet Union. It is OK to blow up Afghan schools with dynamite and kill their teachers, as Engineer Hekmatyar did during the Afghan jihad. It was all for a bigger cause of defeating the communist infidels and liberating the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan from the Soviet apostasy. Alhamdu Lillah, this dream was realised when the apostate Najibullah was publicly hanged  in Kabul. Ours is a religion of peace and compassion.

We will not tolerate an attack on our sovereignty. Drone attacks are an attack on our sovereignty. Attacks on shias are a celebration of our sovereignty. Bombing of Data Durbar is a statement that grave worshippers are apostates. We cannot allow the foreign agents of Blackwater to undermine our independence. We will seek sons of Ummah, like Khalid Sheikh Mohammad to strengthen our independence.

We should stop the NATO convoys and set them on fire. We should spray the Pakhtun truck drivers with AK 47 bullets for the greater glory of the Ummah. We should not sell our honour for the sake of Kerry Luger dollars. We do not need schools and hospitals. We need sovereignty. We should end corruption in high places. We should have simple and frugal lifestyles. We should learn from the life of Syed Maududi. He led a simple life. During his last illness, he sought treatment in the Islamic Republic of Buffalo, NY. May Allah shower his blessings on his pan- Islamic soul and on the holy city of Buffalo.

Dr Afia is a daughter of the nation. She should be brought back immediately on a C 130 Hercules. Otherwise we will hold a Goodyear™ tyre lit vigil and attack banks and other businesses based on usury. Dr Shazia Khalid, Mukhtaran Mai and Samia Sarwar are not daughters of the nation. They are not currently on our timetable of tyre lit vigils. The timetable is already too full. It includes the French burqa and the Swiss minaret  question.

These are burning issues for the Ummah.

M. Munawar Hasan

Amir ul Jamaat

Ittehad ul Ummat Conference


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