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This is Radio Caliphate

Extraordinary Rendition

Hakim Hazik


Imran  Khan has blood on his hands. The political leaders have played into the hands of the RAW / CIA lobby by talking to the banned terrorist murderous organisation of TTP. The finest army in the world has been reduced to suffer casualties and watch from the sidelines as the American helicopters evacuated TTP fighters from Waziristan and took them to Bagram so that they have their feet massaged by the 72 virginal GIs.


Americans are supporting Fazlullah. They are waging  a ruthless and arrogant war against Pakistan since 1776. They have given shelter to Fazlullah and provided him with the most modern FM radio technology, an anti Pakistan and pro Sharia, father in law and a technically advanced digital WC, as well as a halal French bidet. (Marketed in the US as Freedom® bidet). There are credible rumours that the latest edition also incorporates automated vatvani facilities. 


American senators are direclty supporting the Baloch Republican Army. In addition, they are supporting  Narendar Modi and the Indian Cricket Board. Their strategy is simple. To isolate the state of Pakistan by using American agents such as Raymond Davis and Najam Sethi and destroy the PCB and our minimal strategic deterrent. That is how they will create the Greater Middle East subservient to the Hindu Jewish interests. The best army in the world will be humiliated and the Pakistan Idol will be sidelined. 


They have even infiltrated the polio vaccination programme. They have employed doctors, nurses, vaccinators and NGOs to popularise the myth of Osama Bin Laden who never existed. Their agenda is to malign the Pakistan Army and the ISI. The are planning the next attack in the vicinity of the GHQ to  humiliate the finest army in the world and complete their domination of the Greater Middl East by dismembering Pakistan like  Iraq, Sudan, Libya and Syria. 


Our army has been tested time and time again and has proven its mettle. It makes the best corn flakes in the world and the sinister efforts of the Jewish Kellog® lobby have not been able to undermine their reputation so far. We have reiterated at all world forums that our corn flakes are for peaceful purposes only and we have no aggressive designs against any other country. It was Pakistan who first suggested that South Asia should be made a corn flakes free zone. The fact that our Eastern neighbour has not been forthcoming exposes their lack of sincerity. 


The Ghazwa e Hind will be fought on the fields of Panipat. The faithful in droves will descend from the Hindu Kush mountains and with their hearts overflowing with the love of jihad and their sharia compliant shalwars riding high. They will reach Panipat via Whaga-Atari border on the Daewoo Bus Service. A VIP service is available. Travel first class for a great Ghazwa experience. 


The Ghazwa will be the battle for the survival of the Ummah. It will start with a spectacular sound and light show in Panipat. Yours Truly will parachute down to the stage hand in hand with Hadiqa Kayani. The Caliphate will reign supreme from Panipat to Damascus. 





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