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GB: Have you taken leave of your senses? You were asked to play ball with Musharraf and you are asking him to step down? 

BB: You don’t know Mr President, he in thrall of this vicious terrorist organisation, Q League. These enemies of democracy attacked my welcome party in Karachi, crushed my rally in Rawalpindi and killed my historic long march uprising in Lahore. They are more dangerous than Al Qaida, Abu Nidal and Abu Sayyaf combined. They are headed by the Chaudhries of Gujrat, a town more dangerous than Tikrit. There was no choice Mr President.  

GB: And you are asking for that Judge Chaudhry to be restored. If he is freed and gangs up with that Swiss attorney, your career, instead of prime ministership will become more like a prime Swiss cheese.  

BB: (Snivelling) This is a cruel world Mr. President, nobody would leave a persecuted, harassed women alone. Rockwood as already been liquidated, in spite of valiant efforts by Asif Sahib. We would have put the Palm Beach Estate for sale, but the Florida housing market has nosedived. They are even after my diamond necklace, a woman’s only consolation. Even Haji ARY, is a hostage to the militant Islamist journalists of his own channel. They talk all the time of missing people and Guantanamo.  

GB: Now, Now, I think it is a tribute to the American democracy that the world’s worst terrorists are kept in this idyllic Caribbean island resort. And provided all the facilities at the expense of the American tax payer. They have water sports such as water boarding, designer jumpsuits in modern colours, nutritious food through nasal tubes, what more can they ask for. But the ungrateful scum go on hunger strike. Now if you ask me, that is aggression of the worst kind against the American way of life. And one dangerous criminal even committed suicide. That was an act of unspeakable wickedness, of asymmetric warfare against innocent American citizens, who just want to be free.  

BB: Yes Mr. president, freedom is the most important thing, my bank accounts and my people need to be free.

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