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Billa and Bilour

Extraordinary Rendition

By: Hakim Hazik

It is only because of people like Ghulam Ahmed Bilour that the Ummah has been able to overcome the conspiracies hatched by the Qadiyanis, the Hindus and the Jews. Bilour Sahib has endeared himself to the nation and in particular the denizens of the city of Peshawar, by showing in his cinema, movies with a very improving moral content. This has transformed the outlook of a generation of young people and turned them into great defenders of the faith and of Musarrat Shahin.

This is of course not to belittle the contribution of the sister nation and the pillar of the Ummah, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who has financed the establishment of ten thousand madrassas in the Islamic heartland of Pukhtunkwa and FATA. This has led to the blessed presence of the matchless public intellectuals such as Maulana Fazlullah, who have served the nation and the Ummah so well. The least Bilour Sahib and his voters can do is to celebrate Eid with the sister nation. It is so heartening to see that he has stood firm in teeth of opposition from renegades such as Mufti Muneeb.

While these stalwarts have been busy snuffing out the Qadiyani mischief in the citadel of faith while making no compromise on the sighting of moon,  the ever scheming Indians have stolen a cowardly advantage over them, by sending a spaceship to the moon itself. These enemies of the faith will let go of no opportunity to undermine the Ummah and besmirch its most precious icons, in this case the crescent moon of Eid, which has been emblazoned on  our national flag for over six decades.   

Now they are claiming that they have found water on the moon. Of course they have the full support of the infidel organisations such as NASA in this heinous conspiracy. What do you expect? We should have acted sooner. We should not have allowed them to steal our water by building the illegal Wullar dam and claim that they have found it on the moon. If only the federal government was as vigilant as Bilour Sahib. If only we had not been duped into signing the Indus Basin Water Treaty.

Bilour Sahib has every right to take a dim view of the activities of the fifth columnist, Maryam Gilani. It is not a small thing for a national hero to be called a cat by a lowly employee in his own department. However, Bilour Sahib will not waver in the face of these undemocratic tactics. He has had such a long and distinguished political career. He was weaned on the philosophy of Bacha Khan. This philosophy, however needs to evolve. We need to root out the heretics and the apostates from our midst. The title of the Frontier Gandhi should be changed to Frontier Jhangvi and of ANP to ASS (Ajuman e Sipah e Sahaba)

Maryam Gilani will have to pay for her excesses. She is guilty of a most serious misconduct by not recruiting the whole of Bilour Sahib’s village into the Pakistan Railways. This is the minimum courtesy he expects from his officers.

A new age has dawned. Brigadier Billa and Mr. Bilour will steward our nation to safety, out of the current tumult. God bless them both.  


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