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Maulana Thunder and Lightning

Extraordinary Rendition

By: Hakim Hazik

The infidels will try to snuff out the lamp of truth but their hollow and empty breaths will be useless. Due to the hypocritical and faithless policies of our leaders, due to the conspiracies of Hindu, Zionist, American, Qadiani, Buddhist, Baha’i, Kharji, Inuit and Blackwater lobby, our tribal areas have been transformed from citadels of world jihad to killing fields of drone war. This has all been made possible due to NRO, which has allowed our leaders to become willing tools in the hands of Zionist, imperialist, Brahmin, and secular communists.

The Party of the Faith is the only bulwark standing in the way of rising tide of evil against the Ummah. This country was gained it the name of Islam. That is why we opposed it tooth and nail, but only until 1947, when we became the greatest defenders of its ideological frontiers. Of course we do not believe in geographical frontiers. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chechnya and Sinkiang are one country. The power belongs to God and he has appointed us to exercise it. Anyone who opposes us is the enemy of God.  

We defeated the invasion of secularists, liberalists and socialist in the university campuses by the simple expedient of breaking their legs. We helped guard the integrity of the country by killing university professors in East Pakistan. We won the jihad in Afghanistan against communists with the help of American dollars.  We will win the jihad against the Americans with the help of Saudi Riyals and UAE Dirhams or with the Thai Baht or with the south African Rand or any other currency given in good faith by the believers; those who believe in the rule of God and the caliphate of the Party.

The suicide bombs are a reaction to the imperialist drone attacks by peace loving law abiding Taliban. They don’t mean anybody any harm. They were going about their business implementing the rule of law, flogging the wayward women who tried to smile inappropriately, amputating the hands of thieves who had stolen their goats and chickens and executing an odd adulteress. This was done in public gatherings to bring a sense of order and discipline to the society.  This has changed only after the unjustified foreign invasion of their society by the infidels.

Of course no Muslim can attack another Muslim in a mosque. These attacks are being attributed to the Taliban to give them a bad name. It is obvious that these attacks are being carried out by uncircumcised Indian agents, in the hock of RAW and MOSSAD. The forensic department of the Party has found that the DNA from the attackers in the Rawalpindi attack belongs to Bal Thakray and his senior party members. The whole world knows that Bal Thakray is working for Narendra Modi, Benjamin Netanyahu, Bhagwan Rajneesh and Adolf Hitler with the obvious objective of stealing our atom bomb and handing them over to the Americans.

The Party of the Faith will not allow this.

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