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Maula vs Maula


By: Hakim Hazik


Are you new in town smart alec? If you want to stay alive, go back to Seraikistan. You will not last a second in the federal territory of Maula Jat. Dismount from your high horse smarty pants. Your fate will be decided in the open arena on the Constitution Avenue. You want to mess with the law? You are making  a big mistake.


Tell me, where shall we send the chopped up remains of this upstart? Do you want them to go to the PM residence or to Maachi Goth? Maybe you want them to be buried in parliament cafeteria where all miscreants like you can learn a lesson and follow the straight and narrow path to al-jannah. That is a place with no shortage of sports cars and female companions. 


The battle field is not won through words alone; one has to fight to prove one’s mettle. If you challenge the authority of Maula Jat, rivers of blood will flow. We will give no quarter. All the wailing and gnashing of teeth will be of no avail. 


If you were enough of a man, you would not go after little children and ply them with ephedrine and free drinks at the Dorchester Hotel. You are attached to the apron strings of your criminal political masters who are petty non entities, all puffed up and strutting about like little roosters, just because they have a few votes in the ballot box.  You do not have what it takes to be real man. You have no respect for law. 


Doctor Sahib is no ordinary young man. He has made his own way in the world. He is steeped in the old family values, which he started learning in his crib. By the time he went to the FIA, he was well versed in all the manifest and occult branches of science. This has allowed him to earn an honest living which gives employment to 400 people and puts food on the table of many a widow, some of whom reside in indigent circumstances in Monte Carlo. 


Yes, I knew about it six months ago, at the same time that  I was on a mission to root out corruption from the echelons of power. The fish starts rotting from the head. One has to go after top felons to provide succour to the poor man on the street. The poor lad was framed. This is a conspiracy by the enemies of Pakistan. The want to frustrate the rule of law and to create anarchy where article 62 is violated and NATO tankers criss cross the land of our ancestors with impunity. 


If we are not vigilant, Raymond Davis will become the Emir of Mozang Chungi and Sipah Salar will have to spend the rest of his tenure under his own mahogany table, as Malik Ishaq takes his telephone calls. 


All that stands between chaos and the rule of law is yours truly.


If Maula does not kill Maula, Maula does not die. 



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